"Islam does not adopt terror such as bombings," chairman of the organization`s central executive board, Basri Bermanda, said here on Sunday.

He made the remarks to express his attitude with regard to the bomb attacks on JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels and in responding to present condition after the terrorist attacks.

He said that terrorist acts were against Islam but they could be done by quarters using the label of Islam or by non-Muslims who wanted to tarnish the image of Islam.

Basri also refused to accept that Islam was identical with the symbol of violence and cruelty. "Islam teaches peace and goodness," he said.
He said that if there were people who linked Islam with terrorism they did not know what Islam is really about.

On the occasion, the organization`s central executive board strongly condemned the bombings of the two hotels which killed nine people and injuring over 50 others.

He said that the attacks were done to create political, economic and government instability.

Adnan Harahap, member of the organization`s central executive board, said that most Muslims in Indonesia belonged to the `Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah` group who practiced the prophet`s tradition.

"Even though most of Indonesia`s population are Muslims, they do not adopt the extremist attitudes," he said.

He said that what was happening nowadays was that the Islamic symbols were being abused in serving certain interests. The abuse is against Islamic teachings.

In the meantime, a Muslim cleric once described as hardliner extremist said the perpetrators of the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotel bombings in Jakarta were "enemies of Islam,"

"Those who did the bombings have caused Muslims to become a scapegoat for terrorist acts," Abubakar Ba`asyir, former chairman of the Indonesian Mujaeedeen Council (MMI), said.(*)