Some developers claim to apartment development in the field of business can compete with the apartment housing business.

"We sure can compete with the property through the provision of a number of bids that consumers want," said Director of Marketing Gapura Prima (GP) Plaza Gatot Subroto, Andi Chandra, Rei exhibition at Expo 2009 in the Central Council of Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta, Thursday ( 7 / 5).

Quotes consumers want that, among other locations in the center of the city, has full facilities, easy access to the toll gates, and near shopping centers, hospitals and schools.

"The price is cheaper when compared to buying a home that is located in the middle of the city," he said. He said the price ranges from Rp 250 million and Rp 500 million.

According to him, in the GP Gatot Subroto the Plaza offers a number of comprehensive facilities, such as a swimming pool, security guaranteed, 'laundry' (laundry), and other facilities that ease the apartment.

He says, although new construction is completed later in mid-2011, but the number of orders have been quite a lot. "The number of rooms are prepared as much as 312 units and 100 units of office," he added.

It also said senada by marketing staff of PT. Brothers wonder Sejati, Apartment developers bersubsidi MT. Haryono Residence, Marcella Liu. According to him, the number of consumers who will buy an apartment in the MT Haryono already quite a lot, even though the new building is completed later in 2011.

Three floors have been ordered even though consumers new development will be done later in June 2009, "he said.

The apartments are located in the center of this city will be built 15 floors with 40 rooms each floor unit with relatively inexpensive prices, ie, about Rp 144 million / unit.


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