Rod-shaped design with a slightly rounded tip, and black mengilat, making K-Touch A7726 seemed resistant rock. Touch screen is quite wide, 2.4 ".

The keypad, though a bit hard, just as uncomfortable as typing a large-size and large width. Four-way navigation button-shaped box, also can be accessed easily and the response is good.

Simple effect of the body appear on the phone when there is only the volume key and a port for a data cable, and charger.

others such as local phone, the phone menu's the same. However, the icons that appear on the main menu is quite interesting with a little animation. The letter-letter, a standard look huge, but it is comfortable to read.

Menus can be accessed via the stylus stored in the slots that are available, via the keypad or the keypad with the touch of a finger directly. Response obtained via the stylus, keypad and finger quite quickly, so that moved the features and sub menu feels comfortable. Handwriting in response to touch the screen fast enough, but the experiment must be done several times before the phone can recognize the characters any posts quickly and precisely.

Full multimedia features available in this phone, and everything must be accessed from the menu, the alias entry to the menus by pressing the keypad 4 - 10 times depending on the features desired. To play a song for example, must squeeze 8 times can be a new entrance to the music player. This is making.

Sound heard from the speakers sounded loud and clear, especially for middle and high tones, which can be arranged through the Equalizer is available in the Sound Effects (Party, Pop, Rock, Normal, Bass, Dance, Classical, Treble). But do not try selecting the Bass, the speaker will vibrate and suaraa become hoarse.

Using a 2 megapixel camera, although quite a high average quality. FM radio can be enjoyed only headset has stuck. Interestingly, the radio broadcast can be recorded. The radio can also be used as an alarm by choosing a particular station. So, early in the morning you can be built by a radio station favorite.

More important, the phone supports Java applications and games in full. Of course, adjust the screen resolution of 240x320 pixels so that it can run well.

As a complement, in the Business Zone there are several useful features for day-to-day, such as anti-theft (Anti steal), block calls from certain numbers (Black List), block SMS (SMS Black List), protection of personal data ((Protect private ) and the engine autoresponder (InCallLeaveForward).

Phone a simple but full -

Source: Signal

Plus: the response to the fast, clear sound, Java

Minus: need a radio headset

Specifications: K-Touch A7726
Network: GSM 900/1800 MHz
Forms: Bars
Dimensions: 115x52x13 mm
Weight: 100 grams
Battery: Li-Ion 3.7 V 1200mAh (TYM751 type)
Standby time: average of 600 hours
Talk time: an average of 6 hours
Screen: 2.4 "TFT Touchscreen, 240x320 pixels, 262 thousand color
Internal Memory: 59 MB
Additional Memory: MicroSD up to 2GB
Connectivity between peranti: data cable, Bluetooth v1.2 A2DP
Internet Connectivity: GPRS Class 10
Camera: 2 MP (1600x1200 pixels)
Ringtones: Poly, MP3, Truetone
Phonebook: 1000 entries
Messaging: SMS, MMS, Chat, Email
Applications: Image Viewer, Camera, Video Player, Video Recorder, Sound Recorder, Audio Player, FM Radio, Print Picture, Calculator, Java Games, Black List, Calendar,
Alarm, To Do List
The contents of the package: Charger, headset, manual, microSD memory


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