Natural vitamins are found only in living things, that is, plants and animals. Your body, with a few exceptions, can't manufacture vitamins. They must be supplied in your food or in dietary supplements but supplements can't replace food, especially fruits and vegetables which provide thousands of substances, some of which have well-known functions, and some whose roles in the human body are not yet understood or recognized.

Vitamins and minerals ...

? reduce your risk of getting a stroke or heart attack!
? strengthen your nails!
? improve your hair condition, strength and growth by providing certain essential nutrients to the hair follicle!
? beautify your skin by keeping it smooth, soft and disease-free!
? provide essential compounds that are necessary for growth, health, normal metabolism and physical well-being! Without them, you would die!
? promote normal growth and development!
? maintain bone density and strength!
? regulate blood clotting!
? help in the function of nerves and muscles, including regulating a normal heart beat!

When it comes to choosing a healthy diet for their children, many parents don't realize the important role that beverages play. For example, fruit flavored drinks and soft drinks are not a substitute for real fruit. Many of these drinks only contain 10% real fruit juice. The very best drinks are made from
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