Economic conditions in the middle of the flagging dollar, you may have to weigh whether you should buy the dollar or not. So that not one step, see tips from sapphire Senduk below.

1. Only Buy dollars at the official Trader
One of the things that make most people afraid to buy when the dollar is a dollar to get fake money. Well, one way to avoid the possibility is with the seller to buy the official, such as a bank or money changer.

Indeed, a bank or money changer can even sell fake dollars to you. But they certainly have the interest that you would always return to their place and become customers. That is, they also maintain the reputation. If for a customer disappointed ago to enter their name in the letter in the newspaper Readers? Wah, so ads can be bad for them.

Now, compare with the seller of dollars, and not individuals who generally do not officially have a reputation that is built so that usually does not also have a reputation to maintain.

2. Do not ever take a long time holding the money
Why is that? Because only a few physical changes on the money you can make a dollar valued lower than they should. Once a day my wife and I get paper U.S. dollars from a friend.

The amount is 200 dollars. We get one in four of 50 dollars. Rate was about Rp 9,100 per dollar. When trying to sell the money changer, the physical sheet is quite yellow. Simply staff there said he did not want me to buy dollars at Rp 9,100, but must be deducted Rp 50.

This means, for one sheet of 50 dollars, I loss Rp 50 per dollar. I think, fortunately only a sheet of yellow physical form. If all of them, wah ... So, once again, not too long a dollar bill. Selekasnya you better keep in safe deposit box, or save it to the bank.

Indeed, sometimes when we deposited the cost difference is a rate you. But I think, because the loss rate difference is still more than mendinglah physical changes due to loss of dollars. Take a long time, can-dollar money you can not even be the same once the physical form of a truly damaged. If paid to the bank, cash your dollars will be recorded in their accounting system, not in physical form. In addition, can also be flowers. Not bad, eh?

3. Know the meaning of term Exchange Buy and Sell Rates
Many of us still interpret one (or often any means) exchange rate and buy sale at the sale and purchase of dollars. Okay, suppose that you come to the bank. Then there are there any posts in the exchange rate of Rp 9,000 to buy and sell exchange rate of Rp 9100. The question now, if you want to buy dollars, the price is you will buy the dollar?

The answer is on the selling exchange rate. That is, selling is the exchange rate at which banks are willing to sell dollars. Instead, exchange rate is to buy a bank in which you are willing to buy dollars you have. You should always see and interpret the size of the exchange rate from their side, not from your side.


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