Some time ago, I discussed with one end of the freshman program Strata 1 (S1) Department of Economics, a private university in Jakarta. He put several questions related to basic knowledge about the importance protect themselves with the various life insurance products.

Among some of the question, I choose the one question that is quite interesting to see us. The question is: "At age was a professional start protect themselves with various life insurance products?" I give him the answers kontektual, and the answer is that I will also submit to you on this occasion.

Insurance Policy Priorities

Each person in the various phases of the life of each with a different challenge. In the case of work or attempt to, Phase I categorize someone travel career into three phases, namely (1) Age 20 year, (2) age 30-40 years; (3) Age 50 years and over.

First, the 20-year age range. At this phase, you enter into a new category of labor force, and most likely you've graduated from the University benches. Pascakelulusan, you start looking for work, and get your dream job, and then you get a regular income each month.

I assume that you are still single (not married) at the beginning of your career. Challenges you face in managing the revenue is still modest, that is, your attitude in the face of routine time each month.

At the same time, you can start saving to anticipate the various needs in the future, one of them for the costs of marriage. Does not close the possibility, if you sufficient income, you can save for the allocation of the purchase of a house.

Medio on this, you do not already have a large financial needs. Therefore, I suggest to you to prioritize the purchase of life insurance policy can protect your income (income protection). In addition, you need to ensure that the life insurance policy that you can protect your purchase from a variety of unexpected events in the future, such as accident or sickness, disease.

Second, the age of 30-40 years. At this age, generally you have him and have a child. Along with the increasing demands and financial obligations that you must provide for the family, you need to protect themselves and your family with life insurance products are proper.

At this phase, you need to consider protection for the life insurance policy in accordance with the increase of your revenue and increase in financial obligations to your family. Konkretnya, other than life insurance policy that you get at age 20 annual, you need to prepare ourselves with the life insurance policy that contains the elements of education cost savings for your children in the future.

Third, the age of 50 years and over. At this age, most children have completed your studies in the stool Universities. they also have to be able to work and have their own earnings. At the same time, installment house and your financial obligations of the other is almost settled and reduced.

This is the time for you to review your insurance policy. Generally, at the age above 50 years, you will begin vulnerable to illness and disease. Therefore, you must complete your insurance policy with the schemes' long term care '. This will be very useful if a time you fall sick and you can not manage themselves. In addition, you should also make sure that your insurance policy can provide benefits for your benefit during retirement.

Based on the third phase, and it is very important for you to plan for the proper financial management so you can optimize your financial resources. You should be able to select insurance policies that match your needs protection, the goal / plan your finances, and your tolerance for risk. Punctilio you in selecting the type of insurance policy in accordance with your age will determine the maximum protection that you get in the future.


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