Response concerning Microsoft OS Google Chrome is finally complete. After Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer comment, Bill Gates now turn to give an assessment.

Same slate, for Bill Gates, Chrome OS not more than Linux. According to him, the operating system-blown Google is only one of the many Linux distro.

"There are many forms of Linux operating system everywhere and packed with different ways and different benefits," he said when interviewed CNET News recently.

He does not have a shiny new OS's Chrome. such as a browser which is applied on the netbook that has run Android. However, he confessed it surprised many people because the responses of Chrome OS excessive.

Bill Gates said, the opinion said that the browser as an operating system only abuse terminology. According to him, a browser that can run applications, variety of plug-in, and only browser that shows the concept more broadly.


Tips dan Trik Komputer said... @ July 21, 2009 at 7:14 AM

Wah OS Google Chrome udah rilis y? dmn tmpat downloadnya? Gratis kan?

@ anggy : Knp g bs diinstal? Pessennya ap? Msk korup? Cobe di extract dl. Kl korupt harus di download lg. Kl bs pake IDM ato DE aj.

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