Millions of car accidents happen each year in the United States alone. With these accidents come thousands of fatalities and countless injuries.

When you sustained a personal injury or one of your family members died because of a car accident, you may be entitled to some compensation from your insurance company or the insurance company of the person who is at fault for the accident.

Car accidents are traumatic enough for the victims, the physical stress coupled with high emotions and the worry about the future can put one on edge especially if the victim is a breadwinner or someone who contributes a significant amount to the family’s finances.

The complications of claiming car accident insurance might add to the trauma if one does not go about it correctly.

Car insurance companies may look like the friend you really need during times of distress but these companies’ priorities are still themselves so they would look to pay you the least amount possible or nothing at all.

What you can do after a car accident is follow some basic steps if you want to ask compensation from your or the person at fault’s car insurance company.

Here are some steps you can follow when you want to file for a car accident insurance claim:

• File an accident report even if it is just a minor accident.

• Get a copy of the police report.

• Check what kind of protection your car accident insurance provides.

• Make sure that your medical record will be released and presented to the insurance company.

• File a claim for physical injuries through medical coverage.

• If another party was at fault for the accident, file the claim under uninsured motorist coverage.

• Prepare car repair estimates from at least two companies.

• Document all expenses including car towing and storage.

• If you have rental reimbursement coverage then you can ask the insurer to arrange a temporary car for your use.

• If other damages were discovered during repair, you should notify the insurer as well.

An attorney who has experience with negotiating with car accident insurance companies will be very helpful to your cause.

Here are some things that you can do to help speed up and ensure your claim’s success:

• Notify the insurance company about the accident immediately.

• Read your insurance policy so that you are aware of what type of coverage you have.

• Get details of the accident. Include location, road conditions and the weather. Get the car model, color and plate number of the vehicles involved as well.

• Take note of the insurance details of the other people involved.

• Document all expenses and receipts that you accumulated because of the car accident.

• Check if you have other insurance that covers the same accident.

• Consult with a car accident lawyer.

These are just some tips you can follow to ensure the success of your car accident insurance claim.


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