In the dictionary the word "make up" has many meanings. Among means tidy, or make up, make up, improve value, improve the appearance. It's almost the same words of the idiom, ie, to make themselves appear to be someone better than a previous appearance.

At the time of this very powerful, these words have a very knowledgeable in civilization and human behavior. Appearance, performance, behavior, performance, or charitable acts can be compared to someone from time to time, from situation to situation and from one place to another. Because the appearance related to the perception, so people are trying to find out and learn what the affect perception.

A girl who want to appear to "be 'from other people, he must improve his appearance. Then he went to the salon is expensive, buy cosmetika, a popular shopping ngetrend clothing, shoes that fashinable, and other aksesories the votes will not support the appearance, so that people will be impressed or increase the attractiveness of women. For that person must berduit, and know about the life style that made idol. The macro in the world of Showbiz, do this kind is needed. So this field involves thousands of disciplines, knowledge, professional, with billions of capital, and involves hundreds of millions of people and billions of dollars.

Students recognize the word "make up" when the end of the course that the value of the index performance is not quite as good of interest, then he must repeat the course. He must pursue so that the value is at least as dipersyaratrkan by the profession akan digelutinya. To be able to compete, he had to struggle to obtain a high value. He willing to take pains to repeat the first lesson that a good value. By the end of the good people have to struggle to get recognition of the end.

Indeed not a few facts show that the leaders of the world that are not highly educated, but can be successful in life. Many people who become successful without going through the lecture bench. Try to see in our country irrespective of which side we see, or from the wrong and right: Pak Harto degree but can not be oldest president, and Adam Malik school can not be Vice Preisden, Liong Liem Swie school can not be lead on the conglomerates of the world BLBI cases with trilyunan rupiah. But they all have shown that the quality and steady kosisten people to become successful. So exelence not only achieved through education, but with the characters.

Butuhnya how to look human, in the actualization himself! Why is that? Because both values are in the end. Value received at the end of the school semester, or end of the academic year. Index performance figures are also received after the end of the course, and a final examination ditempuhnya. Without a good value, he will not be able to find a job mulus. That is the general standard applies. Although not all success is always determined by the performance index, but that is the way of search perfection. That is in principle "in search of exelence".

End it better from the beginning. The word Quran "and indeed the end is better for you from the beginning." Q, S: 94:4). Also the ancient proverb says: "Berakit first-raft and swim, be first skit, and then have fun.." No people viewed as a specialist before he shows the ability and qualifications as a specialist. Taka is the person who votes as a teacher without proving himself by teaching in accordance with the provisions of science teaching.

I recently saw the event on TV, the show "gito Rolies Kenangan", a rocker who recently died. He is known as urakan still young at the time. Society rocker in sixties akan not forget polahnya the berhura-ray and hooligan. He never ride a motorcycle naked around the city. However, when she managed to close the old age as a missionary with the predicate. A player who is still young rock Arman Maulana kesannya and conveying a message related to the death gito says: I never forget his message: "We must strive to close our books with the color blue. Do not you end the report with the full number in red. Goods gito Rolies times including a few people who successfully achieve Khusnul Khotimah. Even the author of the song is very productive mengambarkan gito with her speech: "If we have the expression:" Young-spree spree, old rich, and death entered heaven "that traveled by gito Rolies".

Why that's a small world in which life can be ended with a sparkling good?. The answer is because the want seriously to "make up". He is aware kekeliruannya at old age. And he repent seriously, and strive vigorously to become a missionary and then. He used the rest of his life to improving the lives raport. Even in the pain Get the full length with the sincere belief that it is God's way menguruangi and redeem one's sins.

So make up will make us to be beautiful. Not make up in the salon, but make up soul, charity doings, in this life. Berbuatlah good while there is still life. "Make yourself up. Allah Khusnul khatimah can also be yours. Amien yaa rabbal alalmien.


Anonymous said... @ July 9, 2009 at 6:50 PM

You right babes !!! we'll always using make up

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