The following are the most famous and the best beverages in the world that arranged by alphabet. Arranged from A to Z. I take this from my experiences and friends. I hope it can help anyone that need it. And this is the A section.


Akvavit is Scandinavian liquor flavored with Caraway seeds. Colorless. Similar to Kummel, but considerably drier. Serve straight (chilled) or as an ingredient in cocktails.

A malt brew similar to but darker and more bitter than beer. Usually made with deeply malted barley and at a higher temperature than beer by a process known as a top fermentation.

A mild, colorless liquor with an anise flavor. Sweet and reminiscent of licorice.

American Whiskey
Any one of several types of whiskey made in the U.S. These included straight corn, straight bourbon, straight rye, blended straight bourbon, bonded whiskey and blends.

American Blended Whiskey
A mixture of American straight whiskies and matured grain neutral spirits, bottled at least 800 (U.S) proof. The blending process gives this type of whiskey consistent uniformity, light body, mild flavor and aroma. Through a confusion in term it is common in many places for America to order “rye” when what they really want is blended whiskey.

American Bourbon Whiskey
Whiskey which has been distilled at not exceeding 160o (U.S) proof from fermented mash of not less than 15% corn grain and stored in charred new oak containers.

American Straight Whiskey
Any rye, bourbon, wheat, malt, rye malt or corn whiskey which, distilled at not exceeding 160o (U.S) proof, is (a) withdrawn from the distillery at not more than 125o (U.S) proof or less than 80o (U.S) proof and (b) aged for not less than 24 calendars months in charred new oak barrels. Straight whiskies when mixed wich each other are then labeled as blends of straight whiskey (r blends of bourbon, rye, etc)

American Rye Whiskey
Rye is distilled from a mash of not less than 51% of Rye Grain at not more than 160o (U.S) proof and stored in a charred new oak containers. Although true Rye is not popular these day, the name “Rye” is often used by Americans in asking for blended whiskey or occasionally even Canadian whiskey.

American Bottled-in-Bond
A straight whiskey is called Bottled-in-Bound 9or Bonded Whiskey) provided it is at least four years of age, bottled at 100o (U.S) proof and distilled at a single distillery, in a single season. It is held under government supervision until withdrawn for marketing. The term “Bottled-in-Bond” does not indicate nor guarantee quality. It is merely a tax designation.

A broad term used describe any drink taken before meals, to improve your appetite.

Common name for brandy distilled from apples.

One of the two great grape brandies of France. The other, of course, is Cognac. Armagnac is fuller-bodied than cognac, less delicate, and generally somewhat drier. It is produced in a legal defined area of the Gers Department in Shoutwest france.


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