* 1 tin fruit cocktail
* 200 grams of green wine, wash clean
* 150 grams of confectionery and fro, gave red
* 150 grams of candy back and forth, give it the color green
* 100 grams of raisins
* 2 pieces of apples, cut thin without a small peeled
* 400 cc water
* 200 grams of sugar
* 2 orange lemon, water capture
* 500 cc Sprite

How to create

  1. Mixed water, water, fruit cocktail, and sugar, to poke the average, and cook until boiling, lift, store in refrigerator
  2. Enter cocktail, green wine, candied red back and forth, back and forth candied green, plum, and apples in large bowl, mix water and add the sugar before, poke average, store in refrigerator.
  3. When presented akan, enter Sprite and orange juice lemon, poke the average, then add ice, serve.


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