Half and half
Half and half is a mixture of two fermented malt beverages. Generally half beer and half ale. Occasionally, half beer and half porter or stout.

Hawaiian Rum
Hawaiian Rum is a distinctive rum, light, fragrant, dry and delicate, distilled in Hawaii from molasses made of sugar cane grown in soil rich with lava loam and aged in old charred oak barrels.

I and J

Irish Whiskey
Irish Whiskey is a distinctive whiskey of Ireland. Made from barley, both malted an un malted, together with oats, wheat and sometimes a small portion of rye. Generally, a blend of straight pot still whiskies, but sometimes including lighter column still grain whiskies. The malt is dried in kilns fueled with coal instead of peat, and constructed so that the smoke from the fires does not reach the malt. Aged seven years or longer, Irish Whiskey is generally heavier and more full-bodied than scotch.

Jamaican Rum
Jamaican rum is rich, dark, full-bodied and heavily aromatic rum distilled in Jamaica in old-fashioned pot stills. May be enjoyed straight, in many fixed drinks, or as a flavoring in cooking and baking.


Kirsch (Kirschwasser)
A colorless fruit brandy distilled from small black cherries.

Kummel (Kuemmel)
A colorless liqueur with a flavor of the caraway seed.


Liqueur is a sweet alcoholic drink usually mad by adding an infusion of fruits or herbs to grain alcohol, brandy or whiskey. Also called Cordial.

London Dry Gin
A dry colorless gin originating in England, but now considered a generic term that may appear on the labels of American Made gins as well. English made gins are inclined to be slightly heavier bodied and somewhat aromatic than the American product.


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