Madeira Wine
Wine produced on the Portuguese island of that name on the North African Coast. It is made from ripe grapes fortified with brandy made from wine, and matures at high temperature in special hot houses. Most Madeira is sweet and it is generally served chilled.

March is the French name of Grappa.

Maraschino is a strong white aromatic liqueur with a better-sweet, cherry-based taste.

May Wine
May Wine is a light, sweet white wine flavored with an aromatic herb called waldmeister or woodruff. Generally made and marketed in the spring. Served chilled, often with a strawberry or other fruit in the grass.

Moselle Wines
Moselle Wines is a light, delicate, fragrant, dry white wines produced in Germany from Riesling grapes grown in the valley of the Moselle River and its tributaries.

Muscatel is a sweet, white dessert wine made from the muscart grape.


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