The following are the most famous and the best beverages in the world that arranged by alphabet. Arranged from A to Z. I take this from my experiences and friends. I hope it can help anyone that need it. And this is the G section.

Geneva Gin
(Also Genever Gin or Holland Gin). A Dutch Gin, heavy in body and very aromatic. It’s produced by immersing a mixture of juniper berries and other botanicals directly into the grain mash before distillation. Or the essential oils can be extracted from the botanical mixture with the heavy distillate from the fermented grain mash of corn, rye, and barley malt. Serve it ice cold, straight or with a dash of bitters.

Gin may either be distilled originally from a grain mash or redistilled from grain neutral spirits. (Beets, cane, potatoes or grapes may also be used). It gets its characteristics flavor from juniper berries (and usually other botanicals)

Golden Gin
Golden Gin is dry gin which, due to aging in wood, has acquired a golden or straw-yellow color. Even though a distiller ages his gin, he cannot, by law, make any age claim for this product.

After wine is made, there is always a residue of skins, pips and stalks, which can be distilled. This strong, rough spirit is known in Italy as grappa, and in France as marc.

Grain Neutral Spirits
An alcoholic distillate from a fermented mash of grain (usually corn) distilled at or above 190o (U.S) proof. Used in Blended Whiskies and in making gin, vodka and many other liquors.

Grenadine is a bright red syrup used for sweetening mixed drinks. It is artificially flavored to taste like a blend pomegranate, strawberry and raspberry fruits.


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