The following are the most famous and the best beverages in the world that arranged by alphabet. Arranged from A to Z. I take this from my experiences and friends. I hope it can help anyone that need it. And this is the C section.

Canadian Whisky
A distinctive product of Canada – distilled, aged, blended and bottled-in-bond under the supervision of the Canadian government. Canadian whiskies are the premium whiskies, usually bottled at six years of age or more, light bodied, and thought delicate in flavor, retain a distict positive character. Corn, rye and barley malt are the principal grains used in the production of Canadian whiskies.

Dry white wine originating from the district surrounding the town of Chablis in Burgundy, France. Also the generic name for similarly dry, straw-colored table wine produced in the United States, Chile and elsewhere.

Celebrated sparkling wine produced from still wine. Champagne is originally fermented in barrel like other wines, but then is blended and bottled with a small amount of sugar syrup and yeast. This causes it to go through a second fermentation in the bottle and gives Champagne its natural effervescence. Later all sediment is removed and each bottle receives a small amount of sweetened, aged wine. The exact amount added determines whether the champagne shall be brut (very dry), or extra dry (slightly sweeter), dry (sweeter still) or demi-sec (very sweet).

Cherry Kijafa
Cerry Kijafa is a Danish cherry wine.

Chianti is a dry, red, very robust Italian table wine originating in the Tuscany region of Italy. Most Chianti comes in round bottom flasks bound in straw. A few finer, aged Chiantis are shipped in regular claret bottles. There is also small amount of white chianti made which is sometimes available outside Italy.

“Classical Chianti” is wine produced in the three Communes of the ancient League of Chianti and in some other neighboring districts. Classical Chianti is ussualy marked by a label showing a black rooster as a symbol of authenticity.

The name Claret originally referred to the red wines of the Bordeaux region in France. Today, dry red wines produced in almost every country in the world, and of varying quality, are sol as Claret or Claret Types.

Probably the greatest of the world’s Brandies. Produced in a legally limited and defined area surrounding the city of Cognac in the southwest of France. Various qualities of Cognac are sometimes indicated by stars, in ascending quality, and by letters: “E” meaning “Especial”, “F” Fine; “V” Very; “S” Superior; “O” old; “P” Pale; “X” Extra; “C” Cognac. “V.S.O.P” on a cognac label means “ Very Superior Old Pane”.

Cordial is a synonym for liqueur.

Crème de Cassis
Crème de Cassis is a very sweet, dark, red liqueur or syrup made from black currants.

Curacao is a liqueur made from the peel of oranges on the West Indian Island of Curacao. It is usually orange colored, but there are green and blue varieties.


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