The following are the most famous and the best beverages in the world that arranged by alphabet. Arranged from A to Z. I take this from my experiences and friends. I hope it can help anyone that need it. And this is the B section.

Beer is a beverage made from the fermentation of cereal grains and malt and flavored with hops. Beer is generally brewed at lower temperatures than ale and by a process known as bottom fermentation.

An infusion of roots, barks, herbs and other botanicals used for flavoring cocktails and other drinks, as an ingredient in cooking and sometimes as a tonic for stomach distress caused by over-indulgence.

Bock Beer
Bock Beer is a special brew, darker, heavier and somewhat sweeter in taste than regular (or lager) beer. Its production is traditionally timed for sale in the spring.

Bordeaux Wine
Bordeaux Wine is wines from the most famous wine producing regions of France. Bordeaux is comprised of five main wine districts-Graves, Medoc, Pomerol, Sauternes and St.Emilton, which give their names to the red and white wines they produce.

Brandy is a liquor distilled from wine or fermented mash of grapes or other fruits. Brandy distilled from grape wine requires no other identification on the label. When brandy is distilled from other fruit, the type of fruit must be stated, such as Apple Brandy or Apricot Brandy. Popular as an after dinner drink, and as a basic ingredient in many cocktails.

Burgundy Wines
Named for the province of eastern France which produces red wines ranking with the world’s finest and a number of super dry, white wines. Burgundy wines are named for the town in which the vineyard lies, or for the most famous vineyard in the Paris. The Burgundy region consists of four main wine producing districts : Cote d’Or (which comprises the Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune), the Macon, Beaujolais and Chabilis.


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