World business is dominated by men. In a world of tight competition, you should be able to show a different side to be "considered" and calculated. Why not take advantage of the feminitas you? But wait, the feminine does not mean "out" the body or sexuality. Still have a feminine side eksplor and you can make you different from men. Here are 10 things that distinguish men and women. The 10 things you can use to increase your success in business:

1. Turn on EmQ (empathy Quotient)
Of course you know as women, that women have a high enough sensitivity. In the sense that, in sensitive matters related to the feeling. Women have empathy / sensitivity is good enough, thanks to this level of estrogen and oksitosin high. How to increase empathy: Be the person who didekati and easy to talk to. Try to listen more sensitive feelings of others. People will feel understood even if you will give the bad news. You can use empathy to increase consensus to achieve business goals.

2. Personal Interest
Studies show that those who are interesting not only can produce more money, but also considered more intelligent, more productive, and be better people. Women have the advantage in this field. Because women can use clothes and accessories for a variety show a different view. Dress up neat and professional can make you more and be respected. Although the business world dominated by men, you, you should not wear clothing such as men's. You can freely change the display through professional hair accessories, makeup, trousers or skirt, blazer or dress. Many styles that you can show that the professional and proficient.
3. Connection and are
Can not be denied, the woman is being friendly and have the ability to build companionship and connect with other people. Women are naturally happy to establish a network, build teams, and relationships. Take advantage of this. The bigger your network, the more capital you career. So do not just use the labor of colleagues or your friends, create a relationship of deep friendship. Use these relationships to expand the network Pertemanan you. This way, you can also learn a variety of human types.

4. Communication experts
Women's verbal message is able to process emotions rather than better man. The result, more women excel in the written tests and verbal tests, because women can use both otaknya to think. As the mother who often ask questions and critical hit against a problem, that's the woman: in the critical speech. You can use the "excess" to ask this question quality, and actively listen to the answer. When you are asked to make presentations, do the style. Believe, if you are a woman, you have this talent, just need a little training and lack of polish you.

5. The unifier
Women also have "ngemong". In the sense, women tend to be lead. Thus, they tend to avoid conflict and want to unify the two parties bertikai. In a company, no less friction there is, so often there are parties that do not run internal well. Try to become a mediator, do not want to take sides. Strive and provide different perspectives for both sides to understand each other and forgive each other.

6. Sensitive in the implicit message
Brain scan, MRI, and other research on the brain shows that women better capture the message implicit in both emotional and in the message terucap. Women can detect body language that is not the verbal terucap. Whether that message inconvenience, not happiness, frustration, even confusion. If you catch messages like this from someone, you can ask directly. Ask whether there are any, there are things you can Diperjelas. However, make sure you do not ask or accuse the tone in front of other people. People do not dare to talk, usually because he has a dilemma for the speech.

7. Motivator
Research shows that women can work in teams, and can motivate the other members in a team to complete its tasks. Typically, a style of leadership is a type of motivator, not a type of suppressor. Unfortunately, there are some women who when given the power rods are often wrong and wrong to use it. Type of this kind is exactly the type of dictator insecure with themselves.

8. View of the different
Typically, a clever woman view things from a variety of different angles and able to provide solutions or make a decision. While the men, rarely completing a problem with the linear style of thinking and transactional. While many women consideration. Try to take some sample cases, and study these issues. Try to do so quickly. Do not forget to bring creativity and innovation in your workplace.

9. People liked the easy
The workplace is a contest to be asked a lot of people liked. While women's talent for clever build a relationship, sense of affection, and empathy, making it easy to people who liked. So, the key, be a positive person, lots of smiles, rather than a person who is too serious and rigid. This way, you will have many friends, and have a big influence in the workplace.

10. Branding
Women have a very close relationship with the self-branding. Create a self-image and uniqueness of positive and fun, and you will be a time that is unique.


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