Jeans were originally worn by the worker rough, with thick material to be rigid and resistant when used in outdoor work. However, jeans are now a fashion item that must be for both formal and relaxed atmosphere. The problem is, if you want to wear jeans for the occasion is formal or semi-formal, such as what equipment should be shown? Superiors and accessories such as what to choose? Try to see an example below.

Use a girly blouse. Want to go dating? Try to incorporate your jeans with a girly top with ruffle accents or superior to the long sepaha. When your stomach sekencang owned by Jennifer Lopez, wearing the blouse with Floral motif bank model that appeared a little stomach this (picture 1, left).

Create a formal dress design. You can make a dress jeans look with fashion-forward design makes strapless, dress as if you create more of a luxury. Then add accessories such as the Pointy-toe pumps, big earrings, clutch, and of course the makeup that I overlook (picture 1, middle).

Provide a balance. Hayden Panettiere mini dress wear tight jeans to attend a formal event. The key to making a more official look at the jeans-jacket tuksedo it is off-white color that provides contrast effect. '80-An impression on how it appears interesting sleeve blazer is up to the elbow (picture 1, right).

Wearing shiny accessories. Do not have much time to select clothes for the event of your semi? Tiru how Mariah Carey menglihkan people's attention with a superior black (secure atmosphere for all), plus clutch or tote bag shiny color (picture 2, left).

Blazer black formal. Want to give the impression that formal lightning? Kardigan model wearing the coat and black ankle boots, or a black blazer and black tote bag worn as Gwyneth Paltrow. Suddenly t-shirt lusuhnya not so obvious anymore! Blazer black jeans also able to overcome the tie-dye patterns, as levied Fergie (picture 2, middle and right).

Wearing a jacket with a belt. Matter of appearance, Fergie is champion. One of the members of the group Black Eyed Peas put on these glasses and futuristic wedges to complete his skinny jeans, which may look a little too wild for makeup to the office. However jacket belted waist golden color, plus tote bag neatly into this sophisticated appearance change.
High heels so savior. Brooke Burke have a modest effect to the glamorous black jeans: high heels, to complete Mickey Mouse T-shirts will be used to program the children that he go.


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