Hair loss is becoming more and more common in both men and women alike. It can be devastating to suffer through thinning hair and hair loss. This can happen for different reasons. There are genetic factors that come into play, as well as hormones and stress. Thinning hair or bald spots can be difficult to endure for men and women. It can cause a lower self esteem and take a real toll on a person's confidence.

More and more people suffer from hair loss nowadays. Both men and women lose hairs every day as part of the hair growth cycle, and this is normal. However, when the loss of hair at a faster rate than it can be replaced, then it may become a problem.

Vitamins have an important role in hair loss prevention. Deficiency of vitamins is one of the reasons to lose hair. Here we talk about 3 vitamins that can help you in the promotion of hair growth.

Trace Mineral Silica

Trace mineral silica is the most important vitamins when it comes to healthy hair. Unfortunately, this vitamin usually absent from most American diets due to the way of most western civilizations cook and process their foods.

It's important to supplement our diet with silica as silica alone may help us more than other vitamins combined because silica helps utilize several other nutrients. Magnesium, phosphorus, boron, fluorine, copper, zinc, strontium and manganese all benefit from silica supplementation.


The other important vitamin for healthy hair is iodine. However, not all kinds of iodine are good for healthy hair. You can always get the right iodine from cow's milk, boiled eggs, mozzarella cheese, yogurt (low fat) and strawberries.


Zinc is quite important when it comes to tissue growth and hair growth. Zinc can helps to secrete the scalp with much needed oil and avoid dandruff that may cause you to lose hair. Additionally, zinc also helps with the absorption of other nutrients that you eat.

Hair loss can be a shame for someone especially for women. It's better we eat enough vitamins for hair loss prevention. Those who already suffer from hair loss can always try some proven hair loss products or meet the specialists for some advices.

There are vitamins for hair loss that can help. There is a trusted product that helps inhibit DHT, and re-grow the hair that you have lost. So, you will be stopping the bad process, and fixing the damage already done. These vitamins are the only FDA approved hair treatment that is clinically proven to reverse the process so that you re-grow your hair.

This is important to know, as some products can promise the moon, but won't deliver. If you want to stop your hair loss, use these tips and search for vitamins for hair loss that work. Stop spending your money on useless promises, and take control of your hair loss.So if you are trying to retain your hair try the above vitamins for hair loss.Many people use vitamins for hair growth and they play essential roles in keeping your hair strong and healthy.


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