Often choosing a lipstick color, lipstick or disappointed because the property is not your friend look suitable for your skin? Hm ... This problem is unique to women. Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and author book Bobbi Brown Living Beauty, have a number of tricks that you can choose the right color lipstick to your mouth.

Basically, according to Bobbi, neutral lip color that can be ideal diibaratkan of jeans is perfect: basic jeans that you can make grooming completely or appear casual, and you still look cool.

* Choose neutral colors. You need to know, is not a neutral color color concealer, color or similar color. Such as skin color is only appropriate to apply makeup the models that are currently on the catwalk show. In addition matte lipstick a brighter color of your lips will make you look pale.

Most versatile color of lipstick that is slightly brighter than the color of your lips. This will show the color and shape lips in the same way when the mascara that will emphasize your eyes. For some people, the colors are Peachy Rosy pink or brown; while for you with a dark color like eggplant color.

* Fast asleep in a manner that is correct. Use the middle of the bottom lip as a specialty in choosing the right color. Try lipstick asleep in the morning to see the results the most accurate in your mouth. If you try more than three or four colors, rest your mouth first, because the lips have been stained a color that before. You also need to find a new color if you are exposed to the sun long enough, because at that time your mouth to become more dark.

* Know yourself. As a makeup artist, Bobbi Brown is often found that the original color of lips how affect produce a lipstick color. "If you see your friend wearing a great color, do not assume that the color will look good to you. Colors can be seen in the gaunt pale or your mouth," he explained.

* Do not mix the color of fear. Only because the color of lipstick that looks good on your lips is a pinky beige, it does not mean you can not wear deep Burgundy color. Fast asleep one layer lipstick on your lips, and add the thin layer of color wine, Burgundy, or any color that you want to see on the top layer. Even the color of lipstick ngejreng will adjust tone your skin and lips.


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