Munchen in the summer of 1976 feels very different from the winter. Morning bright and warm the air that people prefer to be in parks, or doing window shopping at the roadside shop window, or sitting under a tree or a seat to see and enjoy the fresh drinks in the cafe or restorant that, in general, laying seats on the outdoor umbrella and tent sekedarnya to protect the heat in the middle of a sting.

In the summer people of this country more like the cold sun, with minimal clothing to provide opportunities for their skin to absorb sunlight, replacement of the shroud, which is always cold menyeleimuti their meetings for 4 months in the winter a new ago. Berseliweran girls with clothes and trousers pandek bikini, a hat and a black berkacamata to protect the eyes from the sun silaunya. They spoil themselves and attempt to change the color of their skin is pale as it always terbungkus winter clothing by a bold, be kecokelatan kara seared by the sun. For areas such as high Muenchen, cokeleat skin color is a luxury that can only be obtained with a vacation in the summer. That is their skin. The more chocolate is hot and glow. With a different skin that we come from the tropics, the sun is getting dirty and muddy.

Munich is the capital of the state of Bavaria, in Southern Germany. City is located at an altitude of 567 meters above sea level, and is located 10 km north of the mountains Alpen Bavaria, which has eternal snow and ice ski touring center. That is why the weather changes often occur dikota this. The city is split by a large river that has 16 bridges with sediktnya the menguhungkan roads that pass over the river is.

This city is the third largest city after Berlin and Hamburg, and is famous as a city of culture and education of the city that has buildings from the ancient medieval and beautiful artisitik.

Dijaman World War II, the city is destroyed because dibmobardir dissolved by the partners, and resulted in almost all important buildings and historic piston crushed to the ground, His strength is central Munchen Nazi party leaders of Hitler, and is the center of defense against the Nazi army in the associate. However, the 1960 historic buildings, has been renovated. And almost most majestic stands has returned exactly as the original building was built in the century to 12 - 15.

Many buildings to be characteristic of the city and symbol of the old city is unique, such as Gates Karlstor city, Sendlingertor and Isator which was built in 1158, Frauenkirche, or Cathredal of Our Lady was built in the year 1468-1488, St Peterkirche built in 14 century. Building -old building that was built with a Gothic style with the ornaments and the tower and dome of high-pitched. Some of the building, which is always visited by many tourists is the Altes Rathhaus (Old Cityhall, Gothic 1470), Stadtmuseum (City Museum, 1899), which up to now famous as a science museum is very popular.

In this museum I ever saw teorama severity Faraday cage (Faraday Käffig), which indicates that the flow of electricity, thousands akan wat does not affect what is on people who are isolated in the room. Pertunjukannya is the person who entered into a cage of iron, and confinement inside the insulation is installed, a separate room so that the flow of electricity, then from the top of the cage were given power load up to thousands of wat, samapai look like lightning strike. But people inside the jail is a no less. This phenomenon menjelasakan circumstances such as those in the car, will not be affected by lightning, although the car penghantar own electricity and can be affected by lightning. Because the cars are separated by tire rubber insulator of electricity from land,

While in Germany I work at least 3 times in Muechen. The first time when I finished with a language course in Germany Akademishes Auslandamt for 1 semester, I have no money. Arifin and friends, I suggest to leave for work in Muenchen Chinese restaurants, replacing Mas Barno, who is several months of work there. So there akupun leave at the end of the winter semester of the long and cold.

Once I arrived in the Therisen Strasse 11, where the restaurants are located, also the day I introduced with Her Nun Chie, Taiwan china a good heart, and I work the next day instead of working ditingglkan by Mas Barno. Namely to serve as a helper in the mini bar drinks in the restaurant. Pekerjaanku is to serve the drinks ordered by the kelner or restaurant waitress. 4 people have all the servants who worked alternately. Three persons namely Angelo Italy, Masimo, and Antonio, and a Turk named Ekbert. Besides, I should always check the stock of beverages, to report to Bos, and distributors to place an order. I remember pelajaranku in Johny Villa Hotel Bandung when the course hosted by Holland America Lines. At least know the types of beverages with all the category with more carefully.

I kind of know what the drink really hard. Especially Schnap or type of drink, the alcohol contents above 80%. Among other things, such as: Wishkey, Rise Schnapf, Cognaq, Smirnov, romanov, etc. .. This type of drink, if you turn on the blue fuel. Appropriate if only a few shot, people will be drunk dibuatnya. Perhaps because of the long cold weather, so the people here rely on a kind of demon drink that. Macamnya many types of wine, have called aperitive, usually small berkadar alcohol, and slightly sweet. Drink liked this woman. The names are like Martini, Rice Wine, Cote du ront, creme de mint, and others. There are more classified wine Sparkling wine, such as the type of champagne, etc.. Sommer dimusim work during the day is not too busy, but especially in the winter night almost always crowded restaurant china people visited.

I see clearly how the culture of Germany kegemarannya eating in restaurants, drinking habit and drink hard.

Morning is a restaurant where I work open hours 10.00 am as usual. Not many guests are expected to eat in Chinese restaurants that do not have a page like Cantonese Restauran, located in the Theresien Straasse it. People prefer to eat pomfrits, bratwurst and sauer krauts, or Wiener snitzel, ice cream, weisse Bier, Swartz bierr, etc.. that many are sold in the city center, which in the Sommer season is presented in the open air. As usual I bengong in front of the restaurant while people go see the thatch on the pavement, and traffic on the road.

Distance of 10 meters I notice a woman dressed in beautiful modis, jingle with the right shoes, the walk stagger. Moment-a moment to stop and bertelekan kedinding wall, or hold on to pole parking dilaluinya. I estimate from the body postures, clothing and bags that dicangklongnya, she was a model may, or may be in a sales botique that expensive. But why people suffer as beautiful as it seems? Run as lush, and can not control themselves?

Wah, didepanku right, she was even drop. Body is not as strong to sustain the weight. Surefire, I help her to stand up immediately. I also immediately and call a friend in the restaurant Antonio, kelner a restaurant that served in the afternoon. As he agreed to with the help of the hapless woman. Together we lift him and we take incoming kerestoran and mendudukannya disalah one seat. Then draw Antonio rushing white water to be given to the daughter of mabok.

Have heard the riotous diruang future, the restaurant owner's wife Frau Nun Chie wife majikanku the German people that come and find out what happened. Appear strange reaction from the face, when I saw her. Immediately he said to me only: "Wer hat die Idee zu bringen die Dame hinein?" (Idea who to bring in women to that restaurant?). With happy and full of spirit that I say that I am doing with a purpose to help the hapless woman. But then Frau Nun Chie with cynical menghardikku the question: "Warun Sie haben es getan? While hubst or ist sie haben Sie interesse an Ihr?." (What you do is what he as beautiful or because you are interested in him.?)
"Nein Frau Nun Chie, I just want to help people in distress." Sanggahku with umbrage with the tone sinisnya. And I still do not understand why there are people who do not care about the fate of others who need help. he was German, and kutolong is also German. I assume that it is a humanitarian problem.

"If you want to help people, not here!. This is not the place. This is the restaurant. What did people wait to see if this incident here. What if anything happened to her here. Do you want to bear the risk? "Well-woman show that small kekuasannya great to me as a seasonal employee.

I am so annoyed because subside answerable act upon that which I believe is correct. And he is correct that I have no rights whatsoever in the restaurant except as stiff. There are no other words except apologize: "Entschuldigen Sie Mir. Aber was soll ich machen? "(Sorry I Bu. But what should I do?
"Wenn Sie helfen wollen, Sie konen ganz einfah in an Polizei zu rufen. Sie brauchen nicht dieses restaurance in gefahr zu lassen. " (Kalu you want help, you can easily phone the police. You do not need to involve restaurants in danger.)

Discussions are apparently heard by the women of yesteryear telungkup on the table. Maybe he heard his wife bosku breathe the word "police" so that he tried to rise from the duduknya, and stagger out to jalananan, to immediately menjauh from there. Later kuketahui that perempauan is two blocks on the right Canton Restaurant, and he was a showgirl working in a bar, and often use drugs.

I have some valuable lessons in that incident. First, if people do not want to help other people to use the property. Second, helping people in big cities should be aware of the negative risks that may arise. Third, I so understand the true philosophy western "Mind your own business!", The Fourth: Do not I have not eaten accidentally correct by modern individualism, which does not need to heed the fate of others.

Angelo, Italian waitress who becomes the question kolegaku menggodaku incompetent. "Do you like girls with that?".
"Damn ye!" Jawabku fierce. "I just want to help people. Is that wrong? Are people in negerimu also not concerned with such events? See that, that the Antonio kawanmu also help. He means more licentious from you! marahku.

I meditate so that incident. Benarkan before I want to help because the girl is beautiful? And I have hope to make with it? What is a reflection sikapku earlier attitudes to caring fellow, and people who need help? Do not-do attitude that is only valid dikampungku, does not apply in the modern country and the high? . So true! Not all help is useful, and not all the goodwill will get a good reply.

In connection with the incident, ten years later, before the house in Depok, I consider accidental parents who walk down the dock and sprawl. I immediately ran kearahnya request assistance while yelling neighbors. All people who have it come around, and without question this is, we lift him kesalah a house nearby. Then one of us call a doctor who lived not far from there. The doctor came, and declared that the man was unconscious because of weak, and not eating. And that given a sweet drink and given food. Automatically come from neighbors, drinks and food, Once sober he is given food and drink. When he is restored berceritera that he had just run out of Cibinong, in circumstances not breakfast. Want to go to Jakarta with a walk, because they do not have the money. Many people gave him money and compassion to sekedarnya fare. Now the issue is completed.

Try to imagine if I have to phone the police when I saw the incident. What assistance will be coming soon? Whether the police can also help come? Should we think of safety first before we help others? Whether we will be losers if such help.

Wow, how is my philosophy "Mind your own business" which is very western, with the principle of helping us in the country .. So eh?

Depok, 25 May 2008


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