CEDAW Working Group Initiative Health Bill propose to accommodate the rights of citizens on the protection of health, including reproductive health of women. Coordinator CEDAW Working Group Initiative Herdiyani Reni at a press meet at the Health Legal Aid (LBH) Jakarta, Friday (10 / 7), said the Health Bill currently discussed in the House of Representatives have not yet entered a guaranteed access to top women's reproductive health.

In addition, sites such as the published Department of Communication and Information, also requested that the bill did not include religious institutions of the health interests of women, for example, listed in article 84 paragraph (2) Health Bill on abortion that the intervention of religious leaders in the assessment to determine allow the abortion.

"The right to abortion should be granted only with the indication of medical information, so that there is no need to intervene because there is no religious connection with the religious perspective. In addition, the perspective will appear different," said Reni.

Article that says, abortion restrictions can be excluded based on the emergency medical indications detected since the early fetus, both threatening the life of the mother / fetus is suffering from serious disease and genetic or congenital defect and that can not be repaired so that the baby's life difficult.

Then, the pregnancy due to rape that can cause psychological trauma for rape victims is recommended by the institution, institutions or experts / assessors local religious leaders. "The process that will make the process of decision making abortion an action akan relatively long, the only medical indication is sufficient. If the decision is too long, feared akan threatening the life of the mother," he said.

According to him, additional requirements or recommendations for the determination of the panel of experts / religious leaders will be the additional bureaucracy that limits access to health services, which should be given to the patient quickly. "Besides, increase the burden of psychological trauma experienced by rape victims, especially the period of pregnancy is allowed only before the age of six weekends," he said.

He explains the material section 85 which essentially is not realistic because, in this age of pregnancy is often not realize the existence of pregnancy. Reni should expect discussion of the Health Bill is open to the public because the public interest and is a fundamental requirement in addition to education.

While this discussion of the Health Bill in the House of Representatives is on the team level formulation (near the end of the discussion) pansus Commission IX DPR RI, and plans will be ratified in August 2009.


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